Liberty Labs is a non-profit studio that hosts designer/maker/artists who operate independent woodworking and metalworking businesses. Products range from custom fine furniture to bespoke household items.  



The Studio

Liberty Labs Foundation opened for business on January 1, 2016 after its founders spent several months building out a 6,000 square foot space on the waterfront in Red Hook, Brooklyn. We sold out the maximum capacity of our membership--17 craftspeople--within a few weeks. We are a nonprofit enterprise with a 501(c)3 classification from the Internal Revenue Service. Our mission is to provide affordable space, high quality equipment, and support to highly skilled wood and metal workers seeking to establish their own independent businesses. Liberty Labs is not a production-oriented facility, but rather a place to create strikingly original and carefully crafted items for both residential and commercial clients. 

The Studio

The Crew

The members of Liberty Labs are accomplished woodworkers, metalworkers and other artists. Many have backgrounds in design in addition to their expertise as craftsmen. They produce original work and operate their own independent businesses. Working side by side in a cooperative shop allows members to recruit others for advice and assistance when needed. Members also push and encourage each other, seeking to constantly improve the quality and efficiency of all the work done in the shop.

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To view examples of the things made in our shop, click on the photo above. The works pictured don't begin to encompass the full range of our capabilities, but we will be adding more soon.

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