Located in a 6,000 square foot space in the historic Liberty Warehouse in Redhook, Brooklyn, our studio is home to 17 members who employ a hybrid approach to wood and metal working.  That means using traditional hand tools in conjunction with high quality industrial machinery to produce the finest possible work.  Our equipment includes a planer, jointer and bandsaw from Northfield Woodworking Machinery, the sole remaining U.S.-based manufacturer of industrial woodworking equipment.  We also have an Altendorf F45 sliding table saw from Germany in addition to an array of drill presses, a lathe, sanding machinery, and an extensive dust collection system.  The Labs in our name is meant to reinforce our commitment to pushing the boundaries of our craft, to experiment, and to maintain a clean environment.  A few scenes from the lab are pictured below:


Shop Machines & Equipment

Altendorf  F45 Sliding Table Saw

Northfield No. 7 24" Planer

Northfield 12" Jointer

Northfield 32" Bandsaw

Powermatic 1500 Drill Press

Sawstop Industrial Cabinet Saw (2)

Kalamazoo Disc Sander

Felder Dust Collector

JDS Multi Router

Puma Compressor

Older Powermatic Drill Press

Johnsdorf Edge Sander

Downdraft Sanding Table

Laguna Dust Collector

Penn State Dust Collector